By Neil Murray

ICW has always given young Scottish talent a stage to perform on, and Lewis Girvan is one of those who has grabbed that opportunity.

The high-flying youngster performed admirably in the Square Go in January in his debut match and surprisingly found himself stepping in for William Grange at Reservoir Dogs against Grado.

Grange cancelled due to illness and the 18-year-old had no hesitation taking the spot. However, the teenager is not happy it took an injury to present his big chance to impress.

He said: "My singles debut was a travesty! For a start, I'm only there because someone else is injured? That is an affront! Those people dared to boo me! Me?! Do they not realise I'm the guy they'll be calling a genius and a revolutionary before long?!"

Confidence Lewis is not short of, and he is still fuming that Grado defeated him by frustrating him with comedic moves, whilst interference from Joe Coffey, Wolfgang, Andy Wild, The Owens Twins and Carmel didn't help matters.

He added: "Grado tried to make a joke out of my big night, which is exactly why I administered the beating I did. If it hadn't been for a biased ref [Kay Lee Ray] as well as everybody and their mum getting involved, I'd have put him down for good!"

Crowd chants with comparisons to ICW Original Drew Galloway also didn't go down well with 'Mark Dallas's Favourite Wrestler' Girvan.

"Drew who?" he added. "I've never heard of him! I'm not the future of Scottish wrestling either, I am the PRESENT! I'm a big deal NOW!"