By Scott Reid

In Scottish Wrestling, the name Jack Jester is known far and wide. Whether it is for his terrifying appearance, his fantastic wrestling skills, or his dominance in brutal Deathmatches, Jack Jester is a wrestler unlike most others in Scotland, and it is that individuality that has garnered him a legion of fans around the country.

Known for brutalising his opponents in the ring, and putting his body on the line to do so, Jack is an extremely accomplished wrestler who has won multiple championships around Scotland, and it is through hard work and dedication that he has managed to position himself within Scottish Wrestling as one of its main-event level stars.

In an exclusive interview with Jack, he spoke about his early days in wrestling, honing his craft in a training school, and later at the holiday camps around the UK, where many of the country's finest talents have gained their earliest experience of British Wrestling.

"When I was still at school, I heard there was wrestling school in Cambuslang, and guy in my class mentioned he'd gone down, and it was good fun. So, I went down the next week, and most people saw it is a kind of social club, but I really took to it. I used to train 16 hours a week, and that's when I met people like Wolfgang, James Scott and Liam Thomson. Eventually, I got a few bookings down south, and then I pursued the holiday camps, Haven being my first one. I then got a phone call, asking to fill in for someone for a week. The person I was filling in for never came back though, so I ended up finishing the rest of the season, and people were really happy with my work, so I began getting booked for the holiday camps every year."

The holiday camps may have been a starting point for Jack Jester, but he continued to aim higher, and eventually, he found himself in one of Britain's best known promotions, All Star Wrestling. It was here that Jack learned what it took to succeed in Wrestling, by working alongside true legends of the business. "Around the time Drew [McIntyre] headed off to America, I had contacted Brian Dixon, and I filled in Drew's spot as "the Scottish guy" in All-Star Wrestling. I stayed with All-Star for quite a long time, and it was a lot of work. That's where I really got my first taste of what British Wrestling was, when I was traveling with guys like Drew McDonald and Frankie Sloan. These were guys who have worked for a long, and I had watched for years. They built the ring every day, had their matches every day, drove to the next place, drank all night and woke up the next morning to do it all again without complaining, or even showing signs of fatigue!"

Jack also spoke highly of the opportunities to work at All Star with some major international stars, saying: "As an 18 year old, I was working with the likes of Tatanka, Gangrel, and Daniel Bryan. Nowadays, these big names are often brought in for 1 show, but at All Star, these guys are travelling with you. You're given the chance to work with these people, and talk to them, and go to them for advice."

Of all of the wrestlers Jack Jester had the pleasure of working with at All Star, his respect is most evident for one man in particular: the legendary "Highlander from Hell" Drew McDonald. A fellow Scotsman, and notorious for being tough-as-nails, Drew McDonald is hugely respected throughout the wrestling world, and his dedication and amazing work-ethic is what Jack Jester respects most about the man , whom he openly calls his "hero".

"Drew McDonald broke his back doing a move from the top rope, and was supposed to never wrestle again. He ended up coming back after, about, 4 months, and in his return match, he finished using the same move that broke his back originally, just to see if he could still do it. It's for those kinds of reasons that I have the upmost respect for Drew McDonald"

Apart from being universally respected in the ring, Drew McDonald is widely known as one of the funniest men to travel and work with, outside the ring, and Jack Jester has his fair share of stories about "The Highlander From Hell", with one in particular taking place in their homeland of Scotland.

"One day, we had hours to pass before a show in Inverness, so Drew says to me "Right, get your coat". We ended up in the pub, drinking all day, and then suddenly, Drew looks at the girl behind the bar and just screams "Hey! You! Runrig! Now!". She pretty much had to go buy a Runrig CD to put on, because this mental Scottish guy was holding the bar up! As soon as she put it on though, he was totally calm, swaying his arms back and forth!"

Nowadays, there is one promotion in Scotland which is extremely close to Jack's heart: Insane Championship Wrestling. Having been part of the company since its earliest days, Jack has competed in some of the most intense, barbaric matches in the history of ICW, and has also had the pleasure of watching it grow from the halls of a community centre in Maryhill, to some of the biggest venues in Glasgow. Jack was even part of a special ICW event in London in 2012, and he is not shy about admitting how proud he is to be part of ICW, especially as it moves towards new venues, and new fans.

"I fly the flag for the ICW everywhere I go. When we were sitting backstage on the ripped-up chairs in Maryhill, if someone had told us that in 3 years' time, we'd be packing out the ABC, it would have been a dream. Now, though, it's not a dream! It's actually going to happen, and I couldn't be more proud! We've even taken the show to London, and drove the place mental. They'd never seen anything like it! Now it's time to show the whole of the UK what ICW is all about live! Anyone can watch it online, but when you're actually there, it's a whole different ball game."

He also added that a major part of the atmosphere at ICW events is the crowd themselves, saying: "Ive never seen a crowd like the ICW fans anywhere. I was fortunate to wrestle full-time in front of big crowds for a number of years, but there's no buzz like the feeling you get from the ICW crowd!"

ICW is undoubtedly one of Jacks home promotions, but he also made it very clear that he has aspirations to work overseas, in order to show the world what he can do in the ring.

"I've been talking a bunch of fellow wrestlers who travel to Japan a lot, and in wanting to follow in the footsteps of my heroes, I've always wanted to head over to Japan. Now, I'm definitely thinking that Big Japan Pro Wrestling is somewhere that I want to go, especially as its part of that whole Deathmatch scene. As a Scottish guy, to go there would be a big deal, as it's never been done before. I've also spoken to WxW in Germany, and I should be over there this year. Hopefully, if I can get them to re-book the MASADA match that was supposed to happen last year, that would be great! Last year, I was ready to head over there and give it my all, but then, unfortunately, my flights got messed up, and I couldn't make it. One day, though, that match HAS to happen! "

"So I'd definitely say Germany this year, and then, when everything gets ironed out, and I feel physically well enough, Japan is my place to be next!"

So, with a flourishing career in Scotland, and his hopes to wrestle in other countries around the globe, Jack Jester is looking to take the wrestling world by storm, and with his absolute dedication to what he does in the ring, it may only be a matter of time before his becomes a household name amongst wrestling fans worldwide.