by Neil Murray

Insane! Fanzine Editor Neil Murray speaks exclusively to the Irish Legend about I.C.W. and its potential to grow...

Fergal Devitt is one of the most respected wrestlers in the world and enjoyed his first-ever Insane Championship Wrestling victory against BT Gunn at Reservoir Dogs last month [May].

The Irishman had to endure a beat down at the climax of the match when Gunn's New Age Kliq mate Chris Renfrew jumped him, aided by a mystery third member of the NAK to compound his misfortune.

Despite the additional treatment he received at the hands of the Kliq, the current and three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion enjoyed his second taste of ICW, and followed up last year's stupendous battle against Wolfgang to overcome Gunn in a brutal yet athletic contest.

Now 31, The 'Prince' has been a mainstay in New Japan Pro-Wrestling for seven years, but he is looking forward to coming back to Scotland again soon. Devitt was also more than complimentary about the company and its loyal band of fans who supported him superbly during his match.

He revealed: "As always, it was a pleasure to be at The Garage for ICW. The energy when you're standing in the ring is what wrestling junkies like me crave. "People ask me why I want to go to Scotland on my weekend off every six weeks. The answer is a simple one, but the only way I could explain it to them is if I was to put them in MY boots when I'm standing in the ring as the bell is about to sound. Then they would know!"

"I can honestly say that ICW is one of my favourite places in the world to wrestle. The fans, the boys, the boss, everything just comes together. More importantly, it's FUN! That's what wrestling should be."

Devitt, whose career is so decorated it would be impossible to cover all his accomplishments in this article, is so enamoured with ICW, he believes the sky is the limit under Mark Dallas.

He added: "The Company as a whole is, in my opinion, the one company in Europe that has the potential for growth outside its hometown of Glasgow and in other countries!

"From top to bottom, the show gives you everything and, as a fan, that's what I want to see.

"To maintain that high level consistently is what is most difficult, and ICW has shown that it has the ability to do that, and that is much more impressive." Through NJPW's working relationship with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), Devitt has also enjoyed success in Mexico during his career and held the World Middleweight Championship there last year.

He is also a multi-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, having won the belts four times with Ryusuke Taguchi, succeeding teams such as Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin in the process.

With the titles he has held in his career, Fergal has followed in the footsteps of the likes of Owen Hart, Juventud Guerrera, Jushin Thunder Liger and a certain Sabu, who we'll be seeing very soon in ICW.

Devitt being in that kind of company is no surprise given his experience, ability and reputation and it proves the kind of talent ICW can attract these days. Having suffered an elbow injury just weeks prior to the BT Gunn match, it also shows his mettle and professionalism that he made the long journey to keep his promise of being in attendance at Reservoir Dogs.

And, he admits he is feeling in great shape ahead of a hectic few months which might just include another visit to ICW. Devitt added: "I'm doing good and my elbow is heeling slowly, but injuries are just one of them things you have to deal with in wrestling.

"I have a busy summer ahead. I have the NJPW Best of the Super Jr Tournament [which he won after defeating Alex Shelley in the Final] and, as soon as that's done, I'll be back to London to wrestle Liger for Rev Pro at York Hall. [Devitt won this match also].

"Then I'll be pretty much straight back on a plane to Japan for the July and August tours.

"But hopefully, in between all that, I'll get a chance to pop in and say hello to everyone at ICW!"

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