By Amanda Seymour & Stacey Short

During the shows between Fear & Loathing II and III, a tournament took place in which competitors wrestled against each other to determine ICW's second champion. The new Zero G title would be decided in a fatal four-way elimination match between Noam Dar, Andy Wild, Falcon and Rob Cage. With the competitors in this match being smaller and more agile, the contest was impressive by any standard, with all four men going in ready and prepared to do damage.

Unfortunately for Falcon, he wasn't able to hang in there for long and was eliminated first, but not before being power-bombed through a fire exit. Rob Cage followed soon after, leaving just Dar and Wild. Both men threw everything they had into the match, going back and forth until, finally, Dar was able to get the upper hand and keep it, pinning Wild for the win.

In the 11 months between Fear & Loathing III and its successor, Fear & Loathing IV, events were held more regularly, taking place once every few months, and continually packing out the Apollo 23. ICW as a promotion was strengthening and galvanizing in its product and its message and, as a result, the fans flocked to it, turning up time and time again to cheer on their favourites and jeer those they hated. It is a testament to the dedication of the ICW fans as they once again filled the Apollo 23 and prepared for the mayhem... and they were not disappointed. Without giving an entire review of Fear & Loathing IV, which would be incredibly easy to do given the sheer quality of the matches involved, it is safe to say that it was the event that set the bench mark for everything else that would follow with regards to brutality, violence and chaos.

At this event, fans bore witness to a Falls Count Anywhere match between Jack Jester and a debuting Mikey Whiplash, in which they battled all through the venue before Jester finally got the win. The Zero G title changed hands back to Noam Dar, after he had lost the belt to Lionheart at the previous event, ICW: Summerbam. There was also the first women's deathmatch in Scotland in which Kay Lee Ray and Carmel shocked the entire ICW crowd by being every inch as vicious and dangerous as the men, with Kay Lee Ray coming out as the winner. Finally, there was the six man tag team Glasgow Street Fight that will go down in ICW history as one of the best examples of what ICW is all about.

With the tension mounting between the Gold Label, and the team of Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn and Kid Fite, there was only one way for the feud to end, and that was in a Glasgow Street Fight. As the match progressed, it saw the warriors from both teams begin in the ring before rapidly spilling out of it into the crowd and using all manner of weapons from trays and tables, a bar full of drinks and of all things, a rubber chicken, against each other. They fought in the toilets of the venue, all the way upstairs and into the street where there was a First Glasgow bus, a bus shelter and one massive Cineworld window which felt the effects of ICW breaking free of the building. In the end, the brawlers were shepherded back inside, where eventually the team of Renfrew, Gunn and Fite got the win.

It was a truly legendary event that still lives on in the minds of both competitors and fans alike. When asked, long-time fan Alex Gibson said ''My favourite highlight from Fear & Loathing IV was witnessing the first ever female deathmatch with Kay Lee Ray & Carmel, which was one of the most brutal matches I have ever witnessed In ICW. I'd like to see any other wrestling promotion try and beat the awesome match that these extremely talented ladies had.''

Another fan who had only positive things to say about Fear and Loathing IV was Scott Daly. ''Fear & Loathing IV was my second ICW show, and is probably the show I'll remember the most. Mikey Whiplash made a memorable debut with a completely different fresh outlook to his usual persona. He and Jack Jester started a feud which pretty much culminates at Fear & Loathing VI. They went toe to toe, all around Apollo 23, which led to the most amazing experience in my time as a fan, the Glasgow Street Fight between Gold Label v Kid Fite and the NAK and I was right smack dab in the middle! ''

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