Our latest Wrestler of The Week is the ever-popular Zero-G Champion, Wolfgang. An ICW original who has taken on the best of the best during his time, Wolfgang is renowned for being a dominating heavyweight with terrifying strength, who can also fly with the best cruiserweights in the country.

During his early days in ICW, Wolfgang often found himself at war with Red Lightning in a feud that saw both men eventually brutalise each other, during a Glasgow Street Fight which Wolfgang won by catapulting Red into the metal shutter of a shop! Their rivalry soon turned to friendship however, as Wolfgang turned on BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew during a Six-Man tag match, to side with Red Lightning and Lionheart to form the infamous faction, The Gold Label.

The Gold Label, who soon added James Scott to their ranks, were extremely dominant during their time, and that dominance was largely due to Wolfgang, who served as the brutal enforcer of the team, destroying anyone who dared cross him or his team-mates. Names like Chris Renfrew, Jack Jester and Kid Fite all fell at the hands of Wolfgang and The Gold Label, and it soon looked like no-one could stop them.

The destruction of The Gold Label soon came from within the team, and Wolfgang would eventually go it alone, but as he did so, the ICW fans began to change their opinion of him, disregarding his past actions due to his undeniable in-ring abilities. His new-found fan support became very clear in April 2012, when he faced BT Gunn for the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and had the crowd completely split, with many of them cheering him on. Though he came up short in this contest, it was becoming clear that Wolfgang was a force to be reckoned with, not as part of a team, but as a singles competitor who could go toe-to-toe on the biggest names in ICW.

In September 2012, Wolfgang's skills were put to the test like never before, as he faced international star, Fergal Devitt, at ICW: Hadouken. With the entire Scottish fanbase cheering him on, Wolfgang went hold-for-hold with one of the best wrestlers in the world, and picked up the victory in a match that was voted ICWs 2012 Match of the Year.

Having defeated one of the world best in an ICW ring, there was only one logical step to take next: Finally pick up some championship. While most people would have assumed a man of Wolfgang's size and power would challenge for the Heavyweight Championship, he shocked the entire ICW crowd in February 2013, when he defeated Andy Wild for the Zero-G Championship. Since then he has defended his title against Grado, Noam Dar and Solar, and at ICW: Reservoir Dogs, he will take on Andy Wild and Joe Coffey in a triple threat match.

So, with the entire ICW crowd now firmly behind him, will Wolfgang be able to beat the odds, and hold onto his Zero-G Championship this Sunday? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: If he does succeed, the entire crowd is having a party!