Our first Wrestler of The Week is none other than the current ICW Heavyweight Champion, Red Lightning. From his debut at the very first ICW show, to his current reign as ICW Champion, Red Lightning has always been a controversial figure, but no-one can deny his success in Insane Championship Wrestling.

As dangerous with a microphone as he is in the ring, Red Lightning was part of the first ever Insane Championship Wrestling show, Fear and Loathing, and spent his early days in the company taking on the likes of Wolfgang and Liam Thomson. While he garnered varying degrees of success, Red Lightning was looking to reach the top of the food-chain in ICW, and to do that, he aligned himself with Lionheart, Wolfgang and James Scott to form, arguably, the most dominant faction in ICW history, The Gold Label.

The Gold Label, with Red Lightning at the helm, left a trail of destruction throughout ICW, and fought some of the promotions top stars in a series of brutal matches, including the now infamous Glasgow Street Fight. While the other members of the team were seen by the fans as the "muscle" of the group, Red Lightning was viewed by many as a "Midcard Jobber" who was hiding behind the rest of the Gold Label members in order to get what he wanted. At the First Annual Square Go however, Red Lightning showed that, while he may not be the strongest wrestler, he is definitely one of the smartest, and went on to shock the ICW crowd by winning the 30 man Battle Royale for a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship, after eliminating his fellow Label-mate Lionheart.

Shortly after winning the Square Go, Red Lightning left ICW, and wrestling as a whole, citing personal reasons. With his career seemingly over, fans thought they had seen the last of the devious competitor, but it would not be long before Red Lightning would make his way back to Insane Championship Wrestling to cash-in his title opportunity, and take the Heavyweight Championship from BT Gunn. With the belt around his waist, and his new mission to "Save Pro-Wrestling", Red Lightning used every trick in his playbook to defend the title against the likes of Chris Renfrew, and Grado.

Eventually, Red found himself aligned with The Coffeys, and later Nikki Storm, to form the Save Pro-Wrestling Movement, who have spent the last few months terrorising anyone who dares cross their path, and earning the undiluted disdain from the fans. After Get To Da Choppa in March, where Red Lightning defended his title against Jack Jester, the champion found himself in the firing line from fans once more, and decided to call time on his in-ring career, claiming that he was not getting the respect that he deserved from fans, and ICW management. Refusing to simply walk away with nothing to show for it however, Red Lightning left ICW still in possession of the Championship belt. ICW has contacted Red Lightning in regards to him possibly returning in May at ICW: Reservoir Dogs to defend his title, but as of now, no final decisions have been made.

Whether he returns to Insane Championship Wrestling, or not, Red Lightning has certainly built a name for himself as one of the company's most talked about, and controversial, figures. All that remains to be seen now is whether he will stay gone from ICW, or return to continue his mission to "Save Pro-Wrestling".