By Jamie Kennedy

In ICW, it's fair to say that every member of the roster feels the need to look over their shoulder once in a while. The Insane battleground is not one which fosters safe havens; ICW is a place where everyone is given their chance, but those who cannot swim the shark-infested seas will be eaten alive quickly. Alliances are formed, sometimes out of necessity rather than friendship, but many of these are fleeting, born out of basic survival instinct.

At Fear & Loathing 2 in May, 2009, a seed was planted which would go on to threaten the very stability of Insane Championship Wrestling. Teaming together to defeat BT Gunn and newcomer Chris Renfrew, Lionheart and Red Lightning discovered something that day; they were more dangerous as a unit. Renowned singles stars, both men swiftly realised the power they could wield together. More was to come.

ICW: Payback on February 28th, 2010 – the scene of the crime. A 6-man tag encounter featuring some of the biggest names in company history would see one of the biggest shocks in promotion folklore. Teaming with BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew, the popular Wolfgang rounded out a star-studded team to oppose Lionheart, Red Lightning and Mike Musso. Turning his back on his team-mates, Wolfgang would help Lionheart and Lightning destroy Musso, firing off a vicious warning shot to the rest of the roster. Now a 3-man wrecking crew, the now entitled "Gold Label" of pro wrestling tore through all competition, with the N.A.K of Gunn and Renfrew their main enemies. With all that was going on, it's startling to think that there was still one final piece of the puzzle waiting to be unveiled.

Out with a broken back, ICW Heavyweight Champion "Darkside" James Scott was unable to defend his title, leading to BT Gunn winning the strap at Menace 2 Society on June 5th, 2010. Overcoming Johnny Moss, Liam Thomson and Wolfgang, Gunn's victory was celebrated wildly by ICW fans. Only 3 months later on the next ICW supercard, things would take a decidedly sour note for the newly-crowned Heavyweight Champion.

That September, Dazed & Confused was an incredibly appropriate title for the event. September 4th, 2010 will forever be etched in ICW history as a momentous date. Earlier in the evening, a brazen Chris Renfrew, fighting hard for the promotion he believed in, managed to overcome Gold Label member, Lionheart. Challenging BT Gunn for his hard-won ICW Heavyweight Title, Label member and main mouthpiece, Red Lightning was unsuccessful. Things looked good for ICW; this upstart new faction had been quelled, or so it seemed.

Making a shocking return, James Scott would challenge and defeat BT Gunn for the Heavyweight belt that same night, joining The Gold Label in the process. All pieces of the jigsaw were now in place. The size and power of Wolfgang, the cunning savvy and technical excellence of Scott, the wily cunning and brash arrogance of Lightning and the sheer quality and proven effectiveness of Lionheart. Decorated and distinguished, this quartet had proven themselves individually. What lay ahead for Scottish wrestling as a whole, specifically ICW, now that they were a collective?