By Jamie Kennedy

Forming the quartet at Dazed & Confused in September, 2010, The Gold Label quickly positioned themselves as the most powerful in-ring force in Insane Championship Wrestling. With the ICW Heavyweight Title in their grasp (held by faction member, James Scott), promoter, Mark Dallas and others must have been worried about what was coming next. The Label had already made a power-play for authority within the company, but would they stake a claim for complete control?

Over the coming months, The Gold Label members would dominate all competition, despite a slow start at Fear & Loathing 3 in November, 2010 being experienced. Even with Red Lightning seeing off William Grange in the opener, and Lionheart defeating Chris Renfrew in a memorable Last Man Standing Match, James Scott and Wolfgang would lose to B.T Gunn and Jack Jester in the main event. Dubbed a 'Glasgow Street Fight', who knew this match type would become one of the most important in the history of ICW months later?

From there, things picked up for The Gold Label. Defending the Heavyweight Title against Jack Jester in February, 2011 at The Notorious I.C.W, James Scott similarly managed to battle off the imposing Johnny Moss at Nightmare On Renfrew Street in April. On the same night, more victory was secured for the group, as Red Lightning and Wolfgang defeated BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew to close out the show.

In the months between April and July's 'Nevermind The Baws, Here's The ICW' a shootout tag-team match was 100% confirmed, one which would threaten the very foundations of ICW as a promotion. As originally announced by Dallas at Nevermind The Baws, 'Team ICW' - consisting of BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Jack Jester and Kid Fite – would battle all four member of The Gold Label in an epic Eight Man Tag encounter, again under 'Glasgow Street Fight' rules. To the winner, go the spoils; ownership and complete authority over Insane Championship Wrestling.

For longtime ICW fans, the thought of anyone other than Mark Dallas calling the shots was unthinkable, it just could never happen. This man had ignored naysayers, quickly realising his dream and making ICW one of the hotbeds of Scottish wrestling, and the UK scene as a whole. The Gold Label, four men Dallas had shown faith in, had turned their backs on him and the entire promotion. Not only did they hold the ICW Heavyweight belt, but they were out for blood, blood which would sign the contract of their ownership over everybody on the roster.

In pro wrestling history, there are nights which make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, adrenaline pump through your veins and your mouth go dry with awe. July 3rd, 2011 at Nevermind The Baws, Here's The ICW was one of those nights. On that fateful evening, the unthinkable happened. The Gold Label defeated Team ICW, leaving fans dejected and confused. Mark Dallas was distraught, realising everything he had worked for had slipped from his grasp for the first time.

If people know anything about Insane Championship Wrestling, what it stands for and the very ethos of the company, is that you kick, claw, scratch and bite for what means most. In this case, it was the very fabric of the company itself. For The Gold Label, they toasted success, now calling the shots. Riding high on the crest of the tallest wave imaginable, the only way was up, until it all started crashing back down...