The demands of the pro wrestling industry often dictate lengthy travel arrangements, time away from home and even occasional missed bookings when circumstances go awry. Never wanted, public transport cancellations or blocked roads can nonetheless put an impassable barrier in front of any grappler looking to make it to the show. On other occasions, the venue and event can still be reached, but only if the wrestler shows patience and a steely determination to go that extra mile, literally.

For Drew Galloway, there was no way he was missing what turned out to be his last match in Insane Championship Wrestling. As ICW Heavyweight Champion, the man was stranded in England following a tour with All-Star Promotions. Due to clash with fellow current WWE star, Sheamus in the main event of ICW's 'ReZerection' on July 22nd, 2007, Galloway found himself hundreds of miles away from Glasgow. To add to the woes of promoter, Mark Dallas, Sheamus also saw his flight from Ireland cancelled due to torrential weather. Fighting through 9 hours of travel, including 6 separate train journeys, Galloway eventually made it to Maryhill Community Central Halls just in time to defend his title.

Having been unsure on whether or not his champion would be able to compete, Dallas had booked an ICW Heavyweight Title Tournament, leading to a 4-man final featuring names such as James Scott, Jack Jester, Liam Thomson and Wolfgang. At the last possible minute, Galloway made an appearance, leading to an impromptu 5-man Elimination Match. Ending his ICW career with one of his best matches, Galloway would bow out of the promotion by dropping the title to the man who would become the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in company history, James Scott. As celebrated a finale as this was, it wasn't the only memorable moment Drew Galloway would have in the realm of the Insane.

The stage – the very first show in ICW history; a vision described by Mark Dallas in Issue 4 of the ICW Fanzine, Insane as something he had wanted to do since the "age of 14 or 15". With a crowd of 91 people in attendance at the same Maryhill Halls, Dallas was disappointed with that number, also revealing to Insane that the veteran star, Tracy Smothers gave him a pep talk, telling him to "suck it up" and continue with his dream.

It was at this initial 'Fear & Loathing' show on October 15th, 2006 – the very same event set to hit the 02 ABC in Glasgow on October 13th of this year for a historic 6th edition – where Drew Galloway would become the very first ICW Heavyweight Champion, defeating both James Scott and Alan Grogan in a unique Triple Threat 30-Minute Iron Man Match. A calculated risk for the crowned champion, Mark Dallas realises to this day that Galloway added instant credibility to the title. Galloway's career has been well-documented elsewhere, going on to take his dream to the US, but his reign as ICW Heavyweight Champion is one which will forever go down in ICW folklore.